Comprehensive | cost-effective | protection

Cyber threats that can cripple your business are ever-evolving and is why we make security our top priority.

Our proactive services are designed to provide business owners peace of mind.

Next-level security services make certain that systems have the most robust protection available.

Protecting our Partners Is Priority #1


Assessments typically begin and end with basic vulnerability and threat scans. Our process delves much deeper.

Phishing campaigns are often very telling.


Through our centralized system, we will continuously monitor security, block any detected threats to your workstations, devices, or servers. With constant vigilance, we will minimize both the potential for vulnerabilities and risk of attacks.


There are thousands of entry points for security threats. As more employees work remotely and bring consumer devices into the network, appropriate protection is increasingly important.

DDoS attacks are becoming more prevalent today. These can pose a significant risk to your web services.

The team of experts at TCBNS have extensive experience using DDoS mitigation techniques to minimize the impact of these attacks.

Our techs are always leveraging the latest, best cyber security practices to safeguard your business.

Nearly 2 million records
are lost or stolen
every day

On average,
of security breaches target
small businesses

60% of small businesses
go out of business within
6 Months of a data breach

48% of malicious email attachments are
office files


While many IT providers are moving toward the preventive model of support called Managed Services, we’ve being doing this for over 16 years.  We provide your organization with a full-time, fully staffed IT department at a fraction of the cost of running your own. As a company we are always on the job – we never get sick, we never go on vacation and we never quit for a higher paying job.

We know the layered approaches available and we are here to aide you in any IT issues or questions you may have.  We use industry leading monitoring and management systems to deliver the best solution for our clients, whether large or small.  Our technicians leverage the best available resources at our disposal to bring you the transparency and dependability that larger corporations refuse to go without.

We understand that all organizations need to continue to reduce the total cost of ownership while maintaining the users’ experience.  Sometimes essential requirements like data security and compliance make convenience a challenge.  Having real-time information regarding the health of your technology resources and skilled professionals to interpret that information can drastically increase the reliability and security of your business systems.

CPU installed in motherboard


Initial security assessment
After establishing a security baseline to identify and close any existing vulnerabilities, we offer proactive services to ensure future vulnerabilities are fully mitigated at all times
Password policies
Credentials are not only secure sensitive property, they also provide accountability. We implement policies which make sure your network, applications, and digital property are fully protected
Advanced end-point security
Security plans utilizing services such as Cisco Umbrella protect your networks and data from cyberattacks
Security patching
Patch management and automation schedules not only protect your computers from the latest known attacks, they also keep them optomized
managed Firewall
Prevent unauthorized Internet traffic from reaching your computers. This hardware-as-a-service solution includes full-scale management and hardware warranty
Data Security
Proactive management and routine backup testing ensure your data is safe even if it appears to be lost
Multi-factor authentication
Implementing MFA is absolutely necessary today.
TCBNs can help develop a road map for MFA implementation and assist your users with this sometimes tricky protocol
Whole disk encryption provides total protection for your sensitive data. full control from a centralized cloud platform allows devices to be remotely wiped if they should fall into the wrong hands